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shevek's Journal

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A painter of pictures that few can see, in search of elusive happiness.

I travel a lot; it keeps me interested. I like to see places and meet people. If I haven't been somewhere, I'd like to visit. I'm a spatial thinker, I visualize and remember the entire memory or state of any system I'm working on; these are the pictures I paint.

If you meet me, please don't be scared of me. It's more than likely that I'm scared of you. Talk to me. I am sometimes 6'10 from the bottom of the boots to the top of the hair, but I'm still a person to talk to.

As a rule, there are very few friends-only posts in this journal. I do not post offensive material, but neither do I cater to any particular sensitivities. This is neither the Sun nor the Times. Caveat lector.