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Staying at this Hilton has been a rummy experience. Yesterday at about 7am, there was a knock on my door, and a bellboy handed me a razor and shaving foam, asked-for. I was a little surprised to be spontaneously disturbed at 7am, but not as surprised as when half an hour later, he knocked on the door again and asked for it back. This morning, a screaming match in Spanish started at about half past eight, and it's still going on now, at twenty past nine. I really do mean screaming, not just shouting. What a start to the day.

Edit: I didn't know what my voice sounded like this morning until I answered the phone to my boss. When I did hear myself, I just had to break into "Old Man River".
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And the hail came down.

I looked out of the window of the penthouse party and saw Times Square. The bar was free. The waitresses were wearing little black dresses and the music rocked. I spent a more than few moments wondering how I got to be here before I went with the flow.

And the lightning flashed.

The party moved downstairs before the hail came. Two hundred people crammed into a space made for fifty, and the volume got louder. The DJ switched to vinyl and the business conversations started in earnest. The greatest American lie is "let's do lunch." I talk too much.

And the thunder rolled.

Much later, the last of the crowd gather around the bar with the ever-present TV showing baseball. In our search for a quiet space, Bradford and I discovered a whole room which nobody else had found, with an untouched buffet! Never one to be formal, I grabbed a large plate and dragged it over to where we stood, revisiting our earlier disbelief. I'm coding - I don't know why - I just had an idea.

I should take the idea home with me.

I think the hotdog vendors never close here. The over-eager taxi cabs are moving before the light has changed. I suddenly need some ear-bleeding EBM really badly.

This didn't happen. Not even in a movie.

Except it did.
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In New York itself on fifth avenue. The quantity of litter is both horrifying and disgusting. I hear French with a Haitian patois as I break into the sunlight on Avenue of the Americas.

The Hilton is another world, and I am suddenly uncomfortable. I preferred the street. The air in here smells as polished as the vast expanse of marble floor. I refuse the key to the mini bar, and the clerk jokingly warns me that I will miss out on the five-dollar water. The TV in the lift tells me about jesus as I find my way to my numbered, artificial-apple scented cubicle. Apples like this, I wouldn't eat.
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[notes only, leaving Newark Intl Amtrak] Magnificent large scale architecture. Sense of grandeur. A bridge three stories high. Seven roads in space for twelve, but only two platforms. Abandoned and lost spaces between the water and the concrete. Collapsed and forgotten telegraph lines half-drowned in the swamp. An enormous, rusting swing-bridge entirely superceded by the overhead highway.

Entering New York is a picture of abandonment.
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I might be having some sort of get-together in London on the 17th of October. This will be to commemorate and commiserate over the fact that I am leaving England permanently, probably before Halloween. I'm quite sad about this. It's all a little fuzzy at the moment, it will probably be in the Pembury by default, saving better suggestions. There's some risk of me dressing up a bit for the occasion.

I don't know what else to say really. I'll post a more concrete plan here if one emerges, otherwise that's it.

I would love to see you all.
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Some of you may have heard that I answer all ethnic surveys as "Black, African" or similar. It's usually worth it for the look on the face of the official (e.g. policeman), the drawn breath to correct me, the sudden realization that this will only end up in court for racial discrimination, and a slightly uncomfortable pause.

Yesterday, I had to upload a photograph to the US Embassy web site. It rejected it for "brightness/contrast wrong". Now, I'm white (except in official paperwork) and the background must be white by regulation. So (and an embassy official confirmed this unofficially) the web site has "problems".

Easy solution. Photoshop. Asian. Photo accepted.

So what if they challenge me on this? "Well, officer. The photo was taken last week, and last week I was asian."

... pause, drawn breath, ...

What happens next?

I get asked / he says the next line.
I get the weird look and the deliberate silence.
He doesn't even notice.
v& (arrested, for those not on 4chan).
Other (please comment).

No, I will not be releasing the photograph. I already look like a [insert-criminal] without your photoshop help.
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Today, we will consider a worrying version of the future^Wpresent. Two unrelated posts which, while each is a concern, are somewhat more curious in combination, as a view of the world.

Pre-crime, the premise of Minority Report, is now real, in a non-trivial sense.

And it has more personal data than ever to work with.

I suspect some of you know the various data protection acts in your jurisdictions. I would very much like to know how these two proposals should relate to the purpose, the intent, and the actual law of the various acts. My knowledge finishes at "personally identifiable" and I have no idea how that relates to "publicly available" or "personal/behavioural information sufficient to identify a person", rather than the narrow sense of a name and address.

Should we be expecting, or trying to construct something new?

How else might this affect us?
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The US nonimmigrant visa has a field for entering country of birth. Two options available are "IN THE AIR" and "AT SEA".

On another note, I wish my country would decide whether it's called England, Great Britain or United Kingdom. This would make it easier to find in drop-downs. I know there's an official answer, and several of you are probably scurrying to look it up - but it doesn't matter if you know or I know. It only matters if the person building the intarnets sites knows.
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Once again, I sat at my desk and wiggled the mouse, and waited for the screen to light up. Nothing happened, because the screen and mouse are plugged into a docking station, and the laptop was in my briefcase, downstairs.

I do this more often than I really want to admit.