Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Notes for future

When acme says "a slightly over-strict iptables firewall", he means "nothing will work, either in OR out".

Building ip_conntrack_ftp etc nonmodular is a strictly silly idea because it means that you don't get access to the module parameters (e.g. port=21,5021).

FTP protocol is a pain in the arse.

Never use Paypal.

I do far too much systems administration for my position. It's very good to have the hands on experience of all the distributions, but there are reasonable limits. It worries me when I (insert something about sysadmin with hands behind back and screen turned off).

I have failed to prove what I set out to prove today. I think I might have a statement of approximately what I would like to prove, but there it stops.

On the upside, I should soon own a CeOXiME "Vibrant Grey" CD. These are rare.

Insert some desperately insightful comment about goths here.

Insert some comment about stress here.

Insert pole here.
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