Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I liked this (part of a conversation) in which I explain a bit about how I see numbers, so I thought I'd save it.

Maths is easy when you realise that numbers don't just go along. They can go sideways too, in which case you have complex numbers. Or they can go diagonally, or at funny angles and make parallelograms, in which case you have algebraic numbers[0]. Or they can go around and around in which case you have rings and ideals and eventually modular arithmetic. Or they can go in cubes or geometric shapes, in which case you have groups with multiple generators. It's a shame they only teach you about numbers in a straight line in school, they're boring.

[0] nonunique factorisation

I'm probably wrong, but it works for my funny dyslexic view of the world.
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