Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Nathan Milstein, Sonaten & Partiten. A very enjoyable performance, very well recorded and produced. Milstein isn't ashamed to give the music its full potential. A friend described him as aggressive, but I wouldn't have used that term, perhaps because he limits his aggression at the point where it might compromise any other aspect of his performance. When I think of aggressive, I think of Shostakovich, which I don't think benefits from an overly melodic treatment.

On the whole, I think this CD (currently borrowed) will be a welcome addition to my colletion, but I will still be searching for the same repertoire by Joshua Bell. From the little I've heard, I think Milstein is performing to be listened to, while Bell takes the music one extra step to the audience. I couldn't put my finger on how, and perhaps I'll think differently when I've listened to both CDs in the same room, but that's my impression.
Tags: music

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