Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Demon Internet's staff, both at UK and Indian call centres are untrained, ill mannered, and in case they do have a clue, they remain deliberately obtuse. The fact cannot be too widely known. I have been told on the phone this morning, "We do not know who you are." I replied, "You most certainly do know who I am, you called me and addressed me by name." The solution? The name and address they hold for me on their accounts is not sufficient. I must copy it out by hand onto a piece of paper and fax it to them. I have no idea who designs their customer service experience these days, but they sure as hell haven't experienced it themselves.

Edit: Tucows are also made of fail. Having a telephone menu system which goes four or five levels deep before admitting that the company does not actually employ any humans is just taking the piss. Also, I pressed the FAQ button to see if "Do you employ any humans" was a FAQ, but the link pointed to a nonexistent host.
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