Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Rant preserved from my web site

Portscanners. Why do people bother? I'll tell you what ports are open on my network. Some machines have a port 22 open. Some machines have a port 80 open. One machine listens on port 81 as well to get around transparent proxies. The name server listens on port 53. The mail server listens on port 25. Nothing listens on anything else.

Dear h4x0r. Please don't bother scanning my network for FTP, ident, RPC, NFS, foo, bar or baz. I don't run them. You're wasting your bandwidth and mine. You're wasting your time and mine. And you're messing up my pretty logfiles where I hope to see a list of packets which I accidentally blocked with the firewall.

On days when I am sufficiently bored, I will whois the IP and call the ISP, especially if someone else is paying the phone bill. ISPs tend to be very sympathetic and very accomodating and I get a kick out of getting accounts terminated.

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