Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I should have stayed the night in Brighton, I got far too tired and took 7 hours to get home, then slept 18 hours straight. Now I will have to skip training tonight, and just try to eat lots.

I'm getting much better at writing compilers, learning where to refactor, and where to un-refactor a shift-reduce grammar to minimise the size of the code generator (no, it isn't better to factor declarator out of init_declarator!)

Having experimented both ways, I suspect I equalize a room better by ear than using the automatic doohickey. The trouble is, I don't have very good absolute pitch, but when I listen to well known recordings, I can spot the bad equalization. Oh well, the initial purpose was only to get rid of painful transients on the dance floor, and if the RTA can do that in a few seconds, credit to it.

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