Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The latest on the FWB: this is turning into a saga.

Every time I connect to the VPN, it totally saturates the bandwidth I've allocated it with downloading data. Nobody seems to know what it's downloading, but it's downloaded about 200Mb of it so far. Nobody seems to know how to find out what it's downloading. If this really is an OS update, as I'm assured by the helpdesk, why does a brand new machine require over 200Mb of patches? Wouldn't it have downloaded these when end user provisioning installed it?

I feel desperately out of control of this machine, there seems to be no way to find out what it's doing, or stop it from doing so, save unplugging it. I've told my router to limit that class to 40K/sec so I can at least still use the internet and VOIP, but it still makes me incredibly nervous. I'm going to keep it on its own LAN.
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