Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Intense frustration.

In order to log into a remote Linux box on $CORPLAN, I have to access a VPN. This requires me to have a windows box, with which I am currently struggling in the extreme.

The helpdesk (absolutely excellent guys) told me that "TokenError: Please call your sysadmin" required me to open a different application. Then, they knew that "Illegal access to memory at 0x00000034" meant the wrong filename was selected in yet another application. That's expertise.

I've now got Firefox and Putty installed, I've generated a keypair, I'm struggling somewhat with how to get the private key off the system. I can't copy it onto a USB key because I can't plug in a USB key unless I'm an administrator. I can probably write it to CD.

I'm also losing my files between four root directories and three home directories, none of which appears to be a subdirectory of any other, and all of which appear to have the "display" name (e.g. Desktop) and the filesystem name (e.g. I can't remember), and I'm required to translate between the two in my head whenever I want to load or save a file, because the dialogs aren't consistent.

I just got a dialog box saying "A new program is ready to be installed." When I click the box, it pops up a desktop search. What's going on? It's an "Enterprise Scan Tool". Is this a virus? Do I want it?

I'm also rather afraid that I can't use scp and similar applications from folders with spaces in the path because the shell (or something) won't handle the filename translation properly. But I'm not sure if I have write permission to any folder without spaces in the name.

Now struggling with the lack of a unix-format text editor, so I can't edit passwd. Also, I'm missing cygcrypt-0.dll, but I have no ldd, and no locate/find.

So, the original objective. Log into a remote box. Get the public key off this box. I guess I do have to write a CD containing 1K of data. Anyone want to do my job?
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