Shevek (shevek) wrote,

These are all random technical comments. It's probably the most boring type of entry to actually write, since absolutely nobody cares about it, whereas one or two people might actually go so far as to post in reply to a "this is what I think of my tiny life today" post. There are always more computers. There are usually, but not always, more people.

I preferred mozilla when the 'new tab' link was above the 'new window' link.n the RMB menu because I use tabs more than windows. Gentoo-1.2.1 has swapped them. However, the gentoo-mozilla-default-plugin-less-annoying patch is a very good thing. It should be in the main tree.

I discovered that the reason mozilla was segfaulting was related to the target X server being version 3.3.5. It worked fine on version 4.2.1. This is annoying after spending a week debugging X protocol at fairly low level, for the half of it without debugging symbols, in asynchronous mode. I also recompiled the whole system from source with a new gcc-3.2.2 compiler because 3.2.1 was spitting code that dereferenced 0x01, which traditionally segfaults anyway.

I have to upgrade one last system. It might be easiest to install the new OS on some random spare IDE drive and then just cp -arpv the whole show onto the live system after formatting / and /usr. That way I can do the upgrade with minimal downtime on the live system. I expect that I will defer this job for ages and ages. I usually do, but it's actually getting past the point of "It works so don't touch it", because it doesn't work any more. My requirements of my desktop have increased.

I still have 13 and a half computers to sell. (Any offers?) Occasionally I tell someone this and they take one or two away. The rest of the network is running beautifully on the new Iomega P405U rackmounts, which have run sweet as a nut and I'm very happy with. I'd still like a gigabit switch so I can actually do full video streaming, but that can wait.

Having run Gentoo on a P405U for about two weeks, then put the box in as user server and had it running for another two weeks, I think it's stable enough to use for my desktop and reduce my distribution spread. I think I unconsciously "spread risk" between distributions. The laptop and firewall are SuSE. The backup server is Slackware. The main user server is gentoo. The test server is Red Hat (which is awful). I do not run Debian, but that is not a deliberate decision. This also means that I have a wide range of distribution experience, which is useful. I must get some more BSD and Debian experience, probably by running them on one of the spare P405Us.

I just introduced my supervisor to valgrind.

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