Shevek (shevek) wrote,

"Make me a Muslim", 8pm, C4. Are we supposed to feel alienated by the strictures of Islamic law, or rather are we disgusted at the inability of the volunteer participants to understand follow simple instructions? I find more of the latter. Dare one assume that the producers, conscious of the impending spectacle, selected the most recalcitrant, rebellious and intractable participants from the available pool of volunteers? My sympathies must lie with the imam in this case, since he is trying to offer an experience, not change their lives. If one volunteers for an experience, it's only polite to participate in deed but one's beliefs should remain one's own.

Interesting parallel with the recent cases of the pupil being excluded for wearing a ring, and the employee being told not to wear religious symbols publicly at work. To me, it has nothing to do with religion. It's a case of "The condition for attenting institution X is [dress code] Y. Do Y or go elsewhere." The individual has the freedom to express Y. They do not have the freedom to force Y upon situation X, whether X be a job, a school or any other private institution.

It's a balance between the freedom of the institution and the freedom of the individual. An institution is made up of a number of individuals, so who is to say that the one individual may overrule the many? Is this another left/right wing divide?

As with all my views, this may be changed by any reasonable argument.

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