Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I'm slightly disappointed at the quantity of propaganda TV we see nowadays. The number of utterly content-free "real life cops and robbers" shows is on the rise, and a large proportion of the footage wasn't even taken within the last few years.

Tonight, the light entertainment promised by Channel 4's "Addicted to Porn" has been ruined before it starts by the presentation of highly polarised value judgements before the material is even introduced. Back when Adam Glasser/Seymour Butts was doing his series on Channel 4, the presentation was highly neutral, of a family man doing business. It was light entertainment. The current programme barely introduces the subject matter before linking it to murder, depravity and nonconsensual activity, and is thus neither educational nor entertaining.

D and I have taken to calling any programme of this type "Right-Wing TV". Along with "reality" shows, I feel that it is dedicated towards making the viewer feel aloof and righteous, and I find the very concept depressing. It is carefully orchestrated propaganda, and has little to no value beyond that.

I think I will ask my MP about this, when I have formulated a suitable expression of my concerns.
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