Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Today, we had two or three inches of snow in DC. Things I learned included:

If I turn on the wipers before I shut the driver's door, the Mazda 3 dumps all the snow off the windscreen onto the driver's seat. There is no remission in the case that I am sitting in it at the time.

If I start the car, having left the wipers on, this will happen a second time. In fact, it will happen every time.

I can (deliberately) wang front wheel drive a car sideways across a car park, but it's fairly forgiving. I thought I'd learn what was going to go wrong in safer circumstances than the first stop light.

ASN.1, BER, DER and a few related things. Also, some RFCs. No, they aren't relevant to the above, but I thought I'd just note that I did do something productive today.

The snow is somehow enjoyable; it's more familiar to me than the endless mild nothingness of California weather. It reminds me of Canada.
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