Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The rain in Santa Cruz fills the air with smells of eucalyptus and lavender and wood smoke, and it is beautiful. I could stand outside all day and just breathe. It's cool and slightly breezy, and the comet is visible with the naked eye just above the trees.

Pixar gave me a wind-up walking Utah teapot.

For those who read the original note: my _other_ boss also asked me, "What's 'wang'?" This is not good. Apparently people have been using it as an interjection in a channel without knowing the meaning of the word.

Hackers was indescribably incredible, as always. I gave a brief talk, which I was quite happy with, and was on two panels, of which I was desperately underprepared for one, and handled the other ok. There were so many amazing people and discussions and people, and I got to play with lots of toys. And more toys. Next time I get a chance to actually use the intarweb, I have to mail lots of people.

I'm in Boulder, Colorado today. It's cold, but not _very_ cold. There's no snow, I'm kind of disappointed. Apparently it snows more in December. I'll be in San Jose again late tomorrow night. Also, a trip to DC is being crammed into my schedule, this might bring me back to the UK in time for VNV in Bristol. I really hope so.


If you friended me recently, please introduce yourself somewhere, possibly in the top post in my journal. Some of you I can work out, some I can't.

*more bouncy*
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