Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Demon Internet are utterly useless.

Demon Internet are becoming more useless with every passing minute. I'm sure I'm stuck in a parody of an internet service provider, or something, this is becoming almost unbelievable.

Six weeks, and one of their routers is STILL returning no-route-to-host for a part of the internet. The helpdesk are about as clueless as it is possible to be, none of them has even heard of routing. They only want to know if I can send email. This week:

I've sent email to the support email. I got told by one of the support staff that the support email was broken, would I please send it to their new support email.

They haven't heard of ticket numbers, even though every reply they send has a ticket number in the header, and one is asked to quote it.

They still haven't heard of routing. Will I please run trace-R-T? Yes. Can I please include all 30 hops? No, because this is a no-route error, so traceroute exits. What? We can't do anything unless you include all 30 hops. Can you send email?

I think some of them have heard of telnet, but none of them have heard of ssh.

Gr. I know, I know, everyone else already knows all this. It's utterly astonishing.

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