Shevek (shevek) wrote,

It's a disgusting time of night on a disgusting day of the week and I'm still in the office (please don't kill me etc). I know why I'm here though. I had to get one more feature done on my new webshite. Given that I gave myself a week to write the whole site over chrimbo (unrealistic but I got a suprising amount of it done), polishing off the odds and ends over the last couple of days hasn't been bad. There will presumably be another panic if it starts to get heavy traffic.

This weekend I am mostly buying hard disks because I have decided that my 1U servers will look prettier with some stupid amount (about 1Tb) of disk in each. I'll probably start by just doing one though. Also there are IBM disks with a 3 year warranty (yes, a warranty that's >1 year still exists). This does mean that I have to sell a few more of my 1U and desktop systems to pay for the new disks. When people ask me what I do with N Tb of disk, I always say "porn". A worrying proportion of people believe me.

Also hunting for some gigabit cards for any of my switches, or a gigabit switch. Computer fairs are really really bad for me. Unfortunately I know that if I really go out looking for something, I can usually find someone who can sell me one. The backs of trucks are very good places to be.
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