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BBLUG swapshop/installfest

I think I've finally recovered from what was probably the largest Linux-oriented enthusiast meet in Bath, "InstallFest 1 and SwapShop 2". The purpose was to invite a few people around and flog off about 30 of my computers on the cheap. As responses started to come in, I began to get the picture that actually, a 'few' was going to be a desperate understatement.

I thought that by clearing the whole house I might get enough room to fit everyone in. At about 12:30am the night before, AmigaNut looked around our (small) house and said to me, "If 100 people are coming in here, you're in deep shit." As it turned out, I was in deep shit. It was standing room only, and frequently not even that. We ended up networking the hall, the landing, and finally the garden in order to get enough space to fit everyone and their machines in. We had wireless networking and over a hundred 100Mb/s switchports available. SNMP went wild. Blinkenlichten everywhere.

Pictures will be appearing on LUG-type mailing lists soon. There are some very funny ones of acme and friends installing an ITX system and a 1U rackmount in a shopping trolley in the front alley.

Next time there will be more power, more bandwidth, more food and most importantly more space. I had a great time though. Nothing got lost (the one thing that was lost has just turned up).

Now I feel a bit scratchy, starving (bad, I'm fencing later), and a little tired although I did sleep in. This morning I got another nice consultancy job. It's the place where I feel most like a consultant. They give me really nice packaged problems, and I make the problems go away. Basically, they're using me for my experience. This makes me happy. One day I might even have a chance of getting a job!
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