Shevek (shevek) wrote,

*purr and bounce* (and hugs as appropriate to people who helped me yesterday)

I've had a wonderful but very intense three days in London. I had a bit of a difficult weekend, which led to me packing and running to London in a great hurry at about 6am on Monday morning, instead of taking the leisurely trip down on Sunday as planned.

I went to the London Edge thanks to nanna_m and saw all the pretty things while she and her boss negotiated. The people at are absolutely lovely, and helped me find some things for myself. I wish they weren't so far away.

Yesterday was very tiring, but after work, and a little poking, I went for drinks in Camden. There were meant to be lots of us but the transport strike killed London completely, so there were only four of us, the fourth was faerierhona. Nanna and I walked through London a bit, I discovered that Porselli has closed its shop, which is a great shame. Now they are "just another" online retailer.

Later tonight I'm going back to Bath to recover, and pack more carefully for a second expedition at the weekend. :-) I haven't met a quarter of the people I meant to, but I'll come back very soon! It's been wonderful here. :-)
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