Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Projected confidence

I went training last night, it was very quiet and so we did winner-stays-on-with-handicap. I remember the most junior fencer there looking absolutely demoralised after fighting me, and I tried to explain to him that in a fight, it's a part of my job to make him believe that he can't hit me, and so on. It's an utterly projected confidence, and it's won me fights against much better opponents. It has its disadvantages in social situations - it's sometimes very hard to find the balance point between "hiding, scared of you, don't want to talk to you" and "capable of pwning j00, don't need to talk to you" - for everything on the scale of fighting, public speaking, general conversation or introducing myself. Those of you who know me can find the real me on this scale, but sometimes it does seem necessary (as in my LJ profile) to post a small note, or wear a badge, or something.
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