Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I was telling someone at Judder how I could "hear" faults in audio systems, and his first reply was, "Wow, that must be really annoying." He's right, it is. There are at least three separate faults in the system I'm listening to now; being able to hear them doesn't necessarily mean I can find them and fix them. Blast.

Edit (with circuit cards everywhere): There are so many little pieces of engineering which make this Forumla Sound mixer worth so much more than the Behringer mixers. Such as, the fader pots are mounted sideways, so the dust doesn't fall into them. Behringer fader pots are facing upwards and dust goes straight into the channel. The "low-tech" nature affects the audio quality a little, but hey, it's a DJ desk. Reliability and serviceability is everything, and it certainly has those.
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