Shevek (shevek) wrote,

My response to an unknown (and presumed safe) piece of equipment appears to be to press every button and twiddle every knob to both extremes, in every combination. Today I did this to a DEQ2496, which turns out to be a very interesting piece of equipment. I rather like the ability to correct for my speaker locations. The "Dynamic EQ" seems to be a kind of crappy multiband compressor, but I'm probably spoiled by having used a much, much better one, which I think I will keep.

Obvious ways to catch me out:
* Hand me an unsafe piece of equipment.
* Hand me a piece of equipment which, when twiddled to either extreme, drops off.

In other news, I took the lid off something marked "Do not remove lid, honest". Dave expressed that he had been waiting for some time for me to do so, and was not surprised to catch me in the act. The piece of equipment in question no longer rattles. I haven't plugged it in to see if it still works. Perhaps I should let Dave do that.
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