Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Among the things in my life which has broken is the new TV. Background: The "new" TV is a friend's second hand 32" plasma screen. The "old" TV, which is still going (mostly) fine is a Sony 29" CRT. The new TV went bang. I took the lid off, and with the help of another friend, we discovered that the PSU board isn't giving out 80V on the 80V rails, so we suspect a partial short in the transformer(s) (of which there are three). Of course, we could be wrong, and it could be something else, and I might not be able to find the parts, and so on, and it really isn't my line of work. So:

What do I do with the broken TV?

Fix it myself (several hours work, no guarantee of a fix).
Buy another identical model from eBay and swap the boards. (Expensive, several hours work, more likely fix).
Take it to a repair shop (Even more expensive, probable fix).
Just bin it as yet another bad job.
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