Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Spiders. We have a large one hiding in a corner of our corridor ceiling. I thought it was dead but Tom poked it and says it isn't. I'm not convinced. There was a huge one near the bathroom. I convinced it to stand on a ruler and measured 3 inches. It's gone now. A medium sized one was hovering around the top of the stairs, it seemed to spend all day winching itself up and down on its web, usually down as I approached, causing it just to drop into my eye line. It appears to have taken up residence in the lampshade, where it has spun a nice web. I think this is a sensible option.

And what inspired this post? The sight of sixteen legs-worth of rather large domestic spider settling some kind of disagreement along my window ledge, which caught me a little by surprise.

They are my tool in the war against moths. I wish I could marshal them.

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