Shevek (shevek) wrote,

In order to improve my driving, I have taken to keeping a golf ball in a saucer on the dashboard. The principle is that the movement of the golf ball gauges the forces on the car, and in theory, the golf ball will leave the saucer at the same moment the tyres leave the traction circle.

So far, I have launched the golf ball into the back of the car, and once, out of the window. Today, I was driving with the windows closed, there was a *thunk* noise, and the golf ball went AWOL. It has not yet been rediscovered, I will have to wait for the sun or find a torch.

I'm slightly amused by all of this, since I can drift the car without significantly moving the ball (I don't know, I just can), and I can make the ball leave the dish at 10mph. I remain slightly unconvinced, but I still think it's a useful tool. If I can find it, that is.
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