Shevek (shevek) wrote,

All the useful bits I was getting rid of already went. I have some remaining bits and pieces. If you want anything, please come and get it, or make arrangements.

Bag for laptop, Symbian branded
Case, AT
Case, ATX, full tower
Case, ATX, mini tower, 2 available
Case, rackmount, 2U
CD reader, SCSI, external
CD reader, SCSI, internal
CD writer, IDE, internal
CD writer, SCSI, internal
Drive rails, Compaq?, assorted
Graphics card: ATI with TV out, AGP
Graphics card: Dual Glint (Elsa Gloria), PCI
Graphics card: Dual S3, PCI
Keyboard, IBM Thinkpad T40 series
Keyboard, PS/2
Keyboard, Sun type 5
Keyboard, Sun type 6
Memory, assorted, untested
Memory, laptop 144 pin
Monitor, 15" SVGA, 2 available
Monitor, Hewlett Packard A1097C, 21", with 15-pin adapter
Motherboard and CPU, K6/400MHz
Mouse, serial, 3 available
Mouse, Sun non-optical
Mouse, Sun optical
Network card, 3Com 100MBit, 5 available
Network card, D-Link (DGE500T?) gigabit network card.
Network card, Intel 100Mbit, 20 available
Power supply, AT
Power supply, ATX
Power supply, ATX, 1U
Rack bolts, assorted
Rack wings, assorted
Ribbon cable, 34 pin floppy, 4 available
Ribbon cable, 40 pin IDE, 4 available
Ribbon cable, 50 pin SCSI, 2 available
SCSI card, AMI RAID controller, with battery backup and RAM
Serial cables, assorted
Serial card, 4-port, ISA
Serial connectors, assorted
Sony PlayStation with assorted controllers
Sound card: ALS4000, PCI
Sound card: Sound Blaster 512, PCI

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