Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I was sufficiently disappointed at the low BBC license fee settlement that I actually wrote to my MP (for the first time). My letter is in support of the BBC, and takes a slight anti-DRM position.

Dear [removed],

I am a BBC license fee payer and an IT consultant, I travel around the
world, but I have access to the BBC, either as a broadcast or on the
internet in almost every country I visit.

I am very disappointed by the low settlement offered to the BBC in the
license fee. The BBC makes high quality programming available to a huge
audience. They are at the forefront of internet technology, being
probably the only broadcaster to routinely make their programs
available on the internet.

The BBC is also unique in my experience - in that it does not try to
encumber its technology with DRM, advertising or other features
designed to make it hard for me as a viewer or listener. The digital
division is extremely well respected in the computing community as a
flagship news reporter; I have attended many of their technology

I would gladly pay a much higher license fee in order to maintain and
improve the BBC further in the directions it is pursuing. I do not, and
will not subscribe to any other commercial network, since I do not
believe the quality of the programming is high enough, and the
inability to access recordings at a later date from the web site makes
it generally not worth my while.

Please urge a reconsideration of the low license fee agreement made
with the BBC.

Yours sincerely,


Please do not copy my text. If you want to write, write your own letter. It doesn't have to be this long.
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