Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Friday was amazing! The HP Labs people are the best audience ever, they understood the presentation, and when they didn't, they said so. We only overran by an hour. *snigger* I'm still horrified at myself for going in with no notes or slides, I will, honest, write up a short document about this work for the people who have asked for it.

Today was bouncy. I went to San Francisco, saw lots of pretty things, some of which I wanted, saw many books, some of which I wanted, and many toys, and got petted. *purrs*

Tomorrow, I hope to compete in the Bay Cup, the formalities having been bashed out. I'm going to have fun and not take it seriously, I really don't need to take anything that seriously right now. I think I have working weapons.

Perhaps I'll explain more sensible detail when I'm not so exhausted. Or ask me when I get back. I will be in England on Wednesday, I think.

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