Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Training feels so good! My second to last fight yesterday drew an audience, which is always a bit offputting and unexpected. The local coach said (in Russian) "You fence better than you did last year." Today I am mostly limping, and stretching, and taking the day off fighting. People at the club are (timidly) attempting to challenge me in English, since I'm new there, and I get asked, "You be here tomorrow? Tomorrow?" But I think a day off is required.

I suspect that knowing some Russian would also help me.

Looking forward to visiting the UK again. I will be in Europe from the 23rd June to the 24th July. I will be visiting London, Bath, Bristol, Brussels, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Norwich, Glasgow and (hopefully) Brighton. If anyone wants to meet up, please say so! I'd love to. Other locations may be added, although the schedule is already pretty tight. Also, if anyone wants anything moved to or from any of those locations, please let me know, because I'm driving.
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