Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The fencing coach is indeed excellent, I got two hours of individual tuition, and learned more than I can possibly take in. I still have to write up the rest of my notes, and I'm coming to think that there is a whole new way of using repertoire to which I must become accustomed. I picked up some hints of this from various guest coaches at training camps, but never understood as much as I have from two hours of individual work.

Other points of minor note:

Meng made curried grapes. They were unexpected.

We went to the sixapart/livejournal office. It was immensely more practical than many dot-coms. I commend it. It had a huge fridge of coke, which I also commend.

I don't think Cloudmark appreciate the (highly English) humour I found in this photo of their front door. Note for the foreigners, in England, a solicitor is a lawyer. In the USA, it's a salesman.

Keeping Martin busy redesigning the menu structure while the rest of us write the code nearly worked. We got some code written. The trouble is that we are now obliged to ship this new menu structure at short notice. This note to be read with overt cynicism.

I look forward to:

Shiny new corset, which is so unbelievably pretty and comfortable.

Being back in England, where things are sane, and I can drive my nice car again, with all its vagaries. Advantages of the volvo estate over the mini cooper: I fit in it. My kit fits in it. S**t breaks loose when you put your right foot down. Also, seeing English people, being generally English (grumpy) and unlearning phrases like 'stop light'.

Going to the Netherlands, where things are insane, but in a more orderly fashion than here. Setting up some sort of coding competition, for which I will persuade Martin to put up a desirable and shiny prize.

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