Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Lots of things happen, but I forget what they are. Here are some extracts from my memory.

I'm coming back to England just in time for B-Movie, so I may attend. If I'm really lucky, my new corset will be ready. It's a 25" waist, in black silk with silver silk exterior boning channels. It's a designed for my (slightly unusual) height and shape, and the construction samples (to test possible boning channel designs) look stunning. I'm quite amazed by the amount of work Laurie is putting into it.

I don't have a bed here, in the traditional sense. I have the hugest pile of fluffy red heart shaped pillows in a room made of curtains, with a fireplace. I want a room like this. I'm going to have the most massive clear-out when I get back.

Our Mini Cooper got sideswiped by a porsche today in the Marina district of San Francisco. He didn't stop. He took our wing mirror off. So we cursed a bit, stopped and put it back on again. Luckily no permanent damage, but a bit of a shock, because it was travelling at considerable speed. Somehow, I can not get the hang of handling a front wheel drive car. Perhaps it's just because the mini is very frontheavy.

Fencing in SF is good. I am just going to random clubs to see what happens, and following recommendations. Golden Gate seems to be the best so far for epee, but I haven't visited Halberstadt yet. I also went to a foil club by mistake and got slowly and thoroughly pwn3d by all present.

Laurie also did a crown plait in my hair, which is a really convenient way of wearing it.

More when I remember it.
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