Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Coach (unexpectedly) told me that I really have to aim for top 20 now. This is a good thing, because it represents progress. It's also slightly scary because I've never considered myself a serious sportsman. So, I need to start a much tougher fitness regime. Today is a good day to repair my bicycle and work out some sort of schedule. I also need to work on very specific elements of technique, rather than just fighting to win or for fun. I've been doing this with some success, although last weekend's open was a bit of a mixed bag and I could perhaps have done better. I have only entered one more domestic open this year - there's a bit of a gap in the season. I hope also to compete abroad this year in satellites, B-grades or foreign nationals.

Work feels understaffed by [about] one person. All things being well, we hope to resolve this soon. Throughput of projects is highly variable, I'm hoping to reinspire the people who are a little behind. We've shipped a huge amount of code in the past, but we only have about 5 development staff, and I have at least 10 project streams to manage. So every time I (or anyone) helps on a project, another project is getting dropped. The next set of deadline commitments are going to be a nightmare.

This week, I will mostly be awake. One day perhaps I will have a social life again. Then you can call me, if you still want to hear from me.

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