Shevek (shevek) wrote,

In which Pooh philosophises his way along the streets

Tsitzis on a bicycle

The trouble with being a chassid on a bicycle is that your tsitzis interact in unpredictable ways with the spokes of the back wheel. This all becomes very funny very suddenly.

Post pseudo gothic

There is a lot of very smart, very nice clothing in the high street at the moment. I think I will call it "post pseudo-gothic". It's black and occasionally frilly, but it has acquired an elegance and smartness which was totally lost in the post-Moulin-Rouge era of soggy corsetry and lace. I'm a total sucker for the elegant look.

Why society ladies smoke

I have worked out (while walking along a kerbstone in platforms) why all society ladies smoke cigarettes in long cigarette holders. It's because of the high heels. They are effectively tightrope walkers, and the cigarette holder (and associated hand, wrist-jewellery and arm) are the balance pole.

Bemoaning the TOTAL absence of decent handhelds

I went handheld computer browsing to see if I could find anything as functional as the Apple Newton. I can't. The one simple application on the Newton - the versatile text pad - blows away everything else on the market. It really is a postit note. I can draw on it, write on it, move things around on it. It's all so natural. Why has no recent handheld maker produced this very simple application?

This journal entry was accordingly written on the Newton.

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