Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The day improved rapidly with the arrival, in french, of my luggage. While the English say, "The best thing since sliced bread," I'm becoming convinced the Canadians must say, "The best thing since prefab concrete." Toronto airport is the sort of twisting, impractical place a six year old kid would build if given an unlimited supply of lego.

Meng is still asleep. While we were on a European timezone, this could have been considered normal. Now, I just don't think he does mornings on any timezone. This is a remarkable feat of adaptation, I mean, to overcome jetlag fast enough in whichever time zone you are in, that you can sleep reliably until midday. I will go hunt Martin and hope to see something of Montreal before the BOFs. This hotel has the most unreliable internet access ever, but it's otherwise great. I wonder if there is breakfast.
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