Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I think my foot is slowly getting better; walking is possible and not too painful.

Everyone seems to want to give me many laptops (unfortunately I can't just sell them). I've been saying no to as many as possible. It appears that for legal reasons I have to accept at least two more. I have declined (I think) three further machines on the basis that I have nowhere to keep them.

The London Perl Workshop is one of the two weekends I can't attend.

Some bastard has knocked a long strip of paint off my car. Now I have to touch it up. I can't get at the breather box. The thing I thought was the breather is, on second inspection, the throttle bypass for the engine management system. The breather box appears to be firmly bolted to the sump, and will be a job for a garage.

I did find a bluetooth vibrator.
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