Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I got the job, so I now live in London (for the next two weeks). I am then off to Montreal for a week (7th-11th), then back to Cardiff for the Welsh Open (12th-13th). After that, I will be back in London for more work (14th-18th), then Bath (19th-25th), London for the London International Epee (26th) and VNV Nation (27th).

I'm slightly bored: please tell me what's going on, either now or when I'm next back.

I went to B-Movie for the first time, and decided that it was the best club ever. *bounce bounce purr* 'nuff said.

I have a new icon, although I think some of my work colleagues who have seen it on skype haven't figured out what (or who) it is yet.
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