Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Groceries tonight were bought in a "supermarket" which started as a tin shed and is now ... rather a long and complicated sequence of tin-roofed sheds bolted together, but definitely still a shed. Apparently that's the largest supermarket around. Some political tension surrounds it, as with everything.

Linda's driving today scores about 10 stalls, at least one start with the handbrake on, ignition while in gear, and ... but it's hardly surprising when you're doing 100 in the inside lane and fully loaded lorries steam past you in the outside lane. Also she said (in conversation) that she'd give way in a hurry if she saw a tank coming, so we pointed out that we'd passed two this morning and she hadn't noticed.

Saw my niece. She is ... a baby. As yet indistinguishable from all other babies, save that she has her mother's hair, as I remember before she took the scarf.

Fenced yesterday. Missed Tuesday due to sleeping for 24 hours. Noone told me they were national champions. Anyway, apparently they've invited me to join the club, which involves health checks and so forth. That should let me do nationals here. Much lost in translation. I understand that they were almost all born in Belarusia and came here in about '92.

Still hope to get a chance to laze around in the med or yam kineret, but I'm away this weekend, then two days fencing, then going to make my peace with the desert for a couple of days, then travel back. Wish I had some company for most of this.

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