Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I appear to be answering more computer-security questions for journalistic type people. It's quite entertaining, it raises the occasional "Bloody hell, can you really do THAT?" or "It's THAT easy?" So far, I've been presenting my experiences with the (weaknesses in, often accidental discovery thereof) security procedures of various public and financial ... [ahemm]. It's all kind of edgy ground, and ... well ... The last few times I've done anything like this was with panels of experts, and with the government, which felt safer because (a) you knew who you were talking to, and (b) noone was going to accuse you of incitement, or accessory, or anything like that. Thankfully, the discussion in purely theoretical terms is still (mostly) legal in this country, and there are many well reported cases of most of the general points I'm trying to illustrate.

I'm not sure that I like the way LJ is going. I can no longer comment on random posts. Oh well.

The new pope was grinning entirely too evilly on the news, but I wouldn't dare to put any interpretation on that in public... oh no!
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