Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Wendy House in Leeds was absolutely stunning and very busy. Thanks very much to Nick. I hope to go back up there the next time I have a free weekend and it's on. I was tired and slept for a bit.

I meant to go to sleep as soon as I got back in, but I've been catching up on mail and arranging to visit the Austrian Perl Workshop to join the parrot hackathon and do some security work. I look forward to meeting leo, chip and autrijus.

It seems I might not have messed up my planning for the Isle of Wight Open so badly - check in for my flight is Heathrow (must check that) at 7pm. I thought it was more like 4pm. This means that as long as I get knocked out by about 4pm (this is normal), I can get to London in time, possibly even dropping everyone else off at a station on the way. The trick is going to be finding somewhere in London to leave the car for two weeks. Hopefully somewhere near a direct train to Heathrow, perhaps I can find a nice street near a Piccadilly line station.

Someone who wasn't me cleaned the house while I was away. Dave denies all knowledge of the fact.
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