Shevek (shevek) wrote,

561 said I should post and I believed her.

I nearly crashed the bike today, accelerating away from the lights. I span the chain around the back sprocket, wobbled for a while, and got lucky. Somewhere along the line I think I took a lump out of my left leg but I didn't notice this till later. I either have to get the back end rebuilt (expensive), get a new bike (expensiver), or stop riding it because I don't think it'll (safely) stand up to my riding for much longer.

I did a lot of stupid things tonight and got hit as a consequence of most of them. I am trying to disconnect the hand and the body (this is hard), and make my preparations smaller. When the coach first came in, she saw me fencing a beginner and said I should be attacking hand and wrist only, so I spent an entire night attacking hand and wrist, even in seniors, which she later said wasn't what she intended!

Why do cuts always hurt so much under hot water?

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