Shevek (shevek) wrote,

The second company I was dealing with has made me a lower and less accomodating offer than I was hoping for, and just now the first company send me a mail to invite me for interview. It's not like I'm signing my life away, but I do want to make a good decision. I still suspect I'll take the low offer, subject to hammering out some terms and conditions.

My manufacturing skills are slowly improving, if tonight's efforts are anything to go by. It would probably help if I actually used a ruler or vernier gauge, but I seem to do OK. Life would be made so much easier with a big pillar drill and band saw. I spent about 2 hours making rack parts our of 1/8th aluminium tonight using hand tools, a dremel and a power drill that's more like a screwdriver and lacks rorque.

I need to kick myself back into dressmaking. I'm getting there. Playing with metal, I get lots of nice ideas for really unusual costume, many of which would get the wearer barred from most nightclubs. I suspect some would be more accomodating though.

Tonight I got a 63 point spam, but I think nslm got a 75 so I don't win any prizes. He seems to have adopted my VFS project, and I'll have to steal it back sometime or I'll feel guilty.

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