Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I will be teaching this to a scout troop. I haven't cooked much for years, but I'm really looking forward to this. I designed menus, mostly for full formal presentation to at least 2 people. I haven't decided on some of the details. Some of the courses are designed to be presented as central dishes, some of them are designed to be served individually to each diner. The starters are all individual.

I welcome suggestions.

Menu 1:
Devilled eggs, presentation to be decided.
Salmon steak
Duchess potato nests containing roast vegetables.
Broccoli florets or asparagus.
(served individually)

Menu 2:
Cottage cheese salad (individual)
Stuffed tomatoes
Baked potatoes
(served individually)
Cheese cake (not sure about this)
(This is the menu I'm least happy with overall)

Menu 3:
Clear tomato soup
Cheese rusks
Corn toasties
Stuffed cabbage leaves
Carrots Vichy
(dishes served centrally)
Pineapple upside down cakes
(served individually)

Menu 4:
Avocadeo with lemon and watercress
Whole trout
Carrots (julienne?)
Mange tout or Asparagus
(servied individually)
Oce cream and raspberry tart
(served individually)

Menu 5:
Goat's cheese tart
Salad Nicoise (unmixed, decorative)
Corn Toasties
(all decoratively presented)
(hmmm, I wonder about this one. I suspect the Nicoise might stand alone as a centerpiece, and it will need either multiple supporting dishes, or none)
Lemon meringue pie (can I teach them to make this in 1hr30?)

Each menu has to be prepared by 4 or 5 non-chef type people with instruction (from me? unless I can convince anyone else!) in under 1hr 30 minutes. It is my intention that this should present them with a considerable challenge, both technically and artistically. It's also one of the bigger timing and management challenges I've set myself. I suspect I will do a lot of preparation and timetabling before I even start.

Comments appreciated.
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