Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I broke the casing on my laptop. This is OK because I think I can replace it for about USD20. The IBM way of giving all parts an FRU is Very Good Indeed. I've bought an engineer's service manual for the system on eBay. I forsee no further problems. I'm just annoyed and treating it with extreme fragility for a bit until I get around to fixing it (after submitting?)

Something died in pink. I've restored it. Thank goodness for RAID5 and being able to add and remove disks on the fly. Still, I had about an hour of downtime on the network, which was bad. All seems to be OK now. I'm just jumpy.

Someone gave me a rack. This is a Good Thing, except it's currently in a trolley in my workroom and I don't know when I'm going to get it home. I've had some offers of help, which are great. We just have to find mutually convenient times. It's a nice rack too.

I badly need rack shelves. I was thinking to say I'd prefer cantilever, but I'm really not in a position to be fussy, and will take anything. I have too much non-rackmount kit that I want to put in a rack (DVD player, amps, etc).

I've applied for a job (shock horror). Now I'm doing the waiting stage. I still think my CV needs more work. Thanks and apologies to those of you who submitted buzzwords which I didn't use, I will be trying to use most of them (except "arse").
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