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Won a CD at Digi:Tec: Neuroactive remixes of some tracks I remember as being very good but don't yet own. Yet to listen to it but very happy, and fully expect it to appear in sets soon.

HUGE thanks to Mel and Alastair (are you on LJ? does anyone know?) - I really did sleep for 12 hours after getting in, and only just woke up!

Townies in Temple Meads at half five in the morning, falling over, smoking huge amounts of dope, chewing, drinking, gobbing on things. I had to suppress my laughter when one of them accidentally spat on his own foot. They screamed, "Look at the goths!", "Who's died?" and a lot of other things.

Welcomed the new year in with scotch which I think was donated to my humble cause by ali_in_london some years ago.

<AOL>Happy new year to you all.</AOL>

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