Shevek (shevek) wrote,

I have been reading the California Drivers' Manual. It is the California equivalent of the Highway Code, and it scares the living daylights out of me. It is available for free on the internet. It is hard to condense the horror to one or two gems, so I offer the following extended list.

p.51 Do not use your horn [...] if a driver is going slowly, and you want him or her to drive faster. The driver may be intoxicated.

p.49 Do not rely on traffic signals. Some drivers do not obey traffic signals.

p.52 Be very careful when using flares. They may cause fires, [Nuh-uh!]

p.53 Persons who present dangers are:
- Distracted people, such as: drivers talking on cell phones.
- Confused people, such as: tourists.

p.68 Never turn your vehicle’s ignition to the “lock” position while it is still in motion or the steering will lock and you will lose control of your vehicle.

p.63 Avoid the following driving behaviors: talking on a cell phone or text messaging, and reading the newspaper, etc.

p.70 Do not shoot firearms on a highway or at traffic signs.

p.70 Do not tow anyone who is riding [...] on skis.

p.73 To keep from getting tired on a long trip, try chewing gum.

p.50 [At night] Do not drive using only your parking lights.

p.49 At 35 mph, it takes about 210 feet to react and bring the vehicle to a complete stop. [UK Highway Code figures say 105ft, perhaps this is a comment on California's terrible roads.]

p.48 Avoid driving directly alongside other vehicles [..]. Another driver might crowd your lane or change lanes without looking and crash into you.

p.33 Before changing lanes, signal, look in all your mirrors, [...] [Note order: Signal, mirror, maneuver, right?]. Also p.54: "signal, look, ..."

p.82 In a bus, taxi, camper, or motor home, the law does not apply to non-driving passengers. [I clearly need to find the definition of "passenger" in American english]

p.70 Do not allow anyone to ride in the trunk of your vehicle. Convictions will result in penalties for both the driver and the person(s) riding in the trunk. [Neat, you can get fined for being kidnapped.]

It is also hard to summarize the sense that it is assumed that all drivers will be exceeding the speed limit, treat mirrors as an optional afterthought, and will have one or more speeding and/or DUI convictions. So I leave you to consider the fact not that the following is true, but that it is necessary to document it:

p.58 You must obey any traffic direction, order, or signal by a traffic or police officer or a fire fighter even if it conflicts with existing signs, signals, or laws. [Everybody has exceptions to everything. It's how political power is measured.]
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