Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Some of you may have heard that I answer all ethnic surveys as "Black, African" or similar. It's usually worth it for the look on the face of the official (e.g. policeman), the drawn breath to correct me, the sudden realization that this will only end up in court for racial discrimination, and a slightly uncomfortable pause.

Yesterday, I had to upload a photograph to the US Embassy web site. It rejected it for "brightness/contrast wrong". Now, I'm white (except in official paperwork) and the background must be white by regulation. So (and an embassy official confirmed this unofficially) the web site has "problems".

Easy solution. Photoshop. Asian. Photo accepted.

So what if they challenge me on this? "Well, officer. The photo was taken last week, and last week I was asian."

... pause, drawn breath, ...

What happens next?

I get asked / he says the next line.
I get the weird look and the deliberate silence.
He doesn't even notice.
v& (arrested, for those not on 4chan).
Other (please comment).

No, I will not be releasing the photograph. I already look like a [insert-criminal] without your photoshop help.

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