Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Today, we will consider a worrying version of the future^Wpresent. Two unrelated posts which, while each is a concern, are somewhat more curious in combination, as a view of the world.

Pre-crime, the premise of Minority Report, is now real, in a non-trivial sense.

And it has more personal data than ever to work with.

I suspect some of you know the various data protection acts in your jurisdictions. I would very much like to know how these two proposals should relate to the purpose, the intent, and the actual law of the various acts. My knowledge finishes at "personally identifiable" and I have no idea how that relates to "publicly available" or "personal/behavioural information sufficient to identify a person", rather than the narrow sense of a name and address.

Should we be expecting, or trying to construct something new?

How else might this affect us?
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