Shevek (shevek) wrote,

In the course of clearing out, I have found my first ever business card. I also found a somewhat later letter from my bank informing me that I had a £300 overdraft (in 1996), which I remember thinking I better hadn't use because I'd never be able to afford to repay it. I have a letter detailing my student grant (£1710.00 in 1996, £1755.00 in 1997) and a later loan (about £1600 for the year).

I have a Freshers Week programme containing a "General Lecture by Prof. J. H. Davenport" and many photographs of me looking like a cross between a terrorist and a monkey. I also found blackmail material^W^Wphotographs of several other people from the dim and distant past. I've thrown out all but the juiciest, and anyway of them look quite so much like monkeys as I did.

I still can't find the one piece of paper I was actually looking for.
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