Shevek (shevek) wrote,

Dear twitter, i r in sf tlkng @ orcl/java1 ...

Dear LiveJournal. I am in San Francisco... hang on, that's not even how we write LJ posts. It's trite and valueless. So, here goes:

I'm about to present at JavaOne. My thesis, as usual, goes "I assume you've read the boring bits. Here are the interesting bits." I'm doing an impromptu study and random walk in the history of parallel computing, mentioning along the way what each machine or design was meant to do, what it could do and what it could not do. Then, by collecting all the favourable attributes and discarding all the unfavourable ones, we see not only how our current parallel systems have to be designed, but why. Also, the exploration gives us some intuitive understanding of what the systems are capable of, and for which problems we have to use a different design.

West coast means don't wear a tie. VNV Nation t-shirt (and misc. fluff) for the win. Blackberry are giving out what passes for beer, and Google have custom lego. People are offering me trade-show bags and I've eaten far too many Hilton-style blueberry buns.

In other news, apparently the video system I wrote for Leon Paul has appeared on Channel 4. I've been offered a copy of the recording, which will make me *squeee* and *bounce* and probably write more software. And I have a huge amount to write about dwcon and oh so many other events, but I'm up to my neck in it.

I land in England in the afternoon of the 26th. I will then flog the rest of my stuff.

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