June 4th, 2011

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I was at Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus the other week, and they asked me to write my own name badge, so I wrote "Anonymous" in big, clear letters. The goon on the door clearly didn't care what my name badge said, as long as I was wearing one. Later, however, was a different story. One conversation went like this:

Him: "Are you anonymous?"
Me: "We are all anonymous."
Slightly uncomfortable pause.
Him: "Did you know that there is a group called anonymous?"
Me, confidently: "Yes, I am well aware of that."
Him: *longer pause, sidles away with a worried look*

A week or two later, I find myself in Berlin. The hotel described this as a "double room for single occupancy". I'm glad it's only that because it contains one bed, which is only 2'6" wide, which is narrower than many Berliners on their own, never mind in pairs.

No jokes about donuts please, it's been done to death.

In other news, I MIGHT be in Eindhoven at the weekend, and will be in England for a couple of weeks after that, leaving on the 26th. I intend to be sociable, if you all offer opportunities.